23rd Sunday (A) 2014 Mt. 18: 15-20 ‘Discourse on the Church’

Monday, 8 September 2014

23rd Sunday (A) 2014 Mt. 18: 15-20 ‘Discourse on the Church’, ‘reconciliation with God and others’ Fr. Aelred

 Bernard & Aelred   St. Bernard, earlier portrait came to Nunraw 1946,
with the founders from Roscrea Abbey
inset Fr. Aelred


23rd Sunday (A)

Homily by Fr. Aelred.

  1. The 18th chapter of Mathew’s Gospel, from which today’s Gospel passage is taken, is often called the ‘Discourse on the Church’, because it collects together Jesus teachings that directly apply to the life of church communities. Today we have the teachings on fraternal correction and prayer in common; next Sunday, on the forgiveness of offences.

And today’s Responsorial Psalm, ‘O that you would listen to his voice! Harden not your hearts’, show the close connection between fraternal correction and forgiveness.

  1. In countries that experience long droughts, say in the Middle East or Africa, you see what the absence of rain does. The ground turns into desert. Sometimes when the rain eventually comes, the ground is so hard that it can’t penetrate, and so it runs away causing flash flooding. So it is with the human heart when ot becomes hard. To be heart-harded is the worst of all conditions. A hard heart is invulnerable to sorrow, but neither can it experience joy. It is a closed heart, so can’t receive. Hard heart is a barren heart.

3.Jesus came to purify our hearts, not to soften them, to make them more supple human. To sow the seed of God’s word in them, and to turn them from wastelands into fertile ground.

  1. In the Christian tradition many of the spiritual masters emphasise the role of the heart in attaining to a deeper prayer life and coming closer to God. To give one example, St. Bernard tells us when he was visited by the divine word: ‘As soon as he enters in, he awakens my slumbering soul; he stirs and soothes and pierces my heart, for before it was hard as stone. He begins to build up and to plan, to water dry places and illuminate dark ones; to open what is closed and to warm what was cold. To make crooked straight and rough places smooth. It was not by any of my senses that I perceived he had penetrated to the depths of my being. Only by the movement of my heart did I perceive his presence’.
  1. ‘O that today you would listen to his voice! Harden not your hearts’. In these words God is calling us from the error of our ways into a closer relationship with him and with one another. And today’s Liturgy provides us with an opportunity to head them.
  1. Softened by the rain of God’s grace, and warmed by the sun of his love, the human heart can be turned from a desert into a garden. A place where reconciliation with God and others becomes possible.

 + + + + 

The following introduction to and selection from St. Bernard’s Sermons on the Song of Songs was done by Prof. Katherine Gill for her courses at Yale Divinity School and Boston College. The page is reproduced here with permission.

Bernard of Clairvaux


Sermon 74
6. You ask then how I knew he was present, when his ways can in no way be traced? He is life and power, and as soon as he enters in, he awakens my slumbering soul; he stirs and soothes and pierces my heart, for before it was hard as stone, and diseased. So he has begun to pluck out and destroy, to build up and to plant, to water dry places and illuminate dark ones; to open what was closed and to warm what was cold; to make the crooked straight and the rough places smooth, so that my soul may bless the Lord, and all that is within me may praise his holy name. So when the Bridegroom/ the Word, came to me, he never made known his coming any signs, not by sight, not by sound, not by touch. It was not by any movement of his that I recognized his coming; it was not by any of MY senses that I perceived he had penetrated to the depth of my being. Only by the movement of my heart, as I have told did I perceive his presence; and I knew the power of his might cause my faults were put to flight and my human yearnings brought into subjection. I have marvelled at the depth of his wisdom when my secret faults have been revealed and made visible the very slightest amendment of my way of life I have experience his goodness and mercy; in the renewal and remaking of the spirit of my mind, that is of my inmost being, I have perceived the excellence of his glorious beauty, and when I contemplate all these things I am filled with awe and wonder at his manifold greatness.

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YOU AND i Gabrielle Bossis. At Hospital 1946

YOU AND i Gabrielle Bossis.
eptember 8  –   At the hospital after an operation.

 “I could have come for you, couldn’t I? And you would have let yourself be taken joyously. But youstill want to do a little work for My glory, don’t you? Gaily too? Isn’t it true that nothing is worthliving for except service for Me? And do you believe that I wait upon you so that you may waitupon Me? I’ll keep on giving you all you need in your mind and heart. Have I ever failed you? Don’tfail Me.Together we’ll weave the last threads of your life-pattern.
Together… always. Isn’t that power?When you feel weak as you do today, take your Brother’s power to love, to praise, to thank our Father. Don’t deprive Him of any smile. A smile is a happy amen. And give the same to the peoplearound you.They need joy and kindness so much. Don’t ever have to accuse yourself of having given begrudgingly, but go eagerly, go with power. Go as though you were going to God.”

September 15  – Convalescent. Holy hour.
 “Let your return to life b….
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Caldey Monks Broadcast

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Caldey Monks Broadcast

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Albert – – –
To: – – –
Sent: Sunday, 2 September 2012, 12:03
Subject: Caldey

Greetings! Happy Sunday!

A suggestion: Tune in to “Listen again” on Radio 4, this morning at 8.10  for a broadcast from the Caldey Island Cistercians.
BBC passing 7 days.

presented by Anglican bishop Stephen Oliver.

 PAX vobis


+ + + Thanks,  and adding the Link here   

 See http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01m9my1


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HE AND i (Gabrielle B…)

HE AND i, 1947

December 11 – 
Holy hour.
 “My child, even if you seemed to love everything, even if all the affections of your heart were to fade away and you found yourself alone and misunderstood by everyone I should still be your Treasure, your Goal, your incomparable Friend, your Beginning and your End. 
So don’t be upset by anything. Once and for all, place your heart in Mine, in joy as in distress. If I fill your cup to overflowing, I am your peace. If I put you to the test, I am your companion. Nothingever ceases to flow from Me to you, if you accept Me. Now do you understand a little better thereason you were born? To be one with Me. Begin, begin right from this very moment. Tighten the bonds of union. Ask the Immaculate One for this grace. Her heart never left Me. And you, child,never leave Me. Never. I’ll be tempted to thank you. ”  
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Gabrille Blossis HE AND i – Sacristan flowers, ‘nothing, if not giving heart’

HE AND i – Sacristan flowers, ‘nothing, if not giving heart’ Mechtilde Perpetual Adoration

Such simple words and the voice is alive – thank to Gabrielle B.
HE AND i  by Gabrielle Bossis
p.39 1937 Part Two
July 18 – Le Fresne.
Showing me the decorations on the altar.
“Yes, you gave Me all that, but it would be nothing if you hadn’t given Me your heart at the same time.”
Similarly a small visual is vivifies the presence. The Sisters of Perpetual Adoration at Dumfries were to were the small ostensorium on  the breast to indicate their special function of perpetual adorers. After the  death of one of the Sisters, one of the very worn away pectoral monstrances, was very kindly donated to me – see the picture.

Originally printed in the
26th September 1986
issue of the Catholic Herald

Scots’ Feast

The Benedictine convent of Dumfries marks its centenary in style, writes Felicia Houssein, 
FOR the Benedictine Nuns of Dumfries, the birthday of Our Lady marked the centenary of the very first Mass to be celebrated in their Priory Church of the Immaculate Conception — but this year with a difference: the Feast was celebrated in their newly consecrated Church.
It was in 1880 that Marcia, Lady Herries, a member of the Constable-Maxwell family, was inspired to build a monastery on Corbelly Hill, where in the 16th century the contents of nearby Lincluden Abbey had been burnt at its dissolution. Three years later she invited the Benedictines of the Blessed Sacrament in Arras (France) to introduce Perpetual Adoration, in reparation for the dissolution of so many abbeys in the Border Country, and to pray for Dumfries and the whole of Scotland. 
Mechtilde of the Blessed Sacrament (birth name Catherine de Bar, 1614–1698), was born at at Saint-Dié,Lorraine in northeastern France. At first an Annunciade nun and then a Benedictine, in 1654 she founded the Order of the Benedictines of the Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in Paris. This was the first society formally organized for the Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
Mechtilde of the Holy Sacrament
Welcome to the website devoted to the writings and sources of the spirituality of the Blessed Sacrament Mectilde Mother (Catherine de Bar, 1614-1698), founder of the Benedictines of the Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament!
LATER: the Sisters merged with the Perpetual Adoration community in Largs.
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Gabrielle Bossis, HE AND i, The last Altar of Repose is in heaven

Precious Blood Chalice Christ

  Precious Blood Chalice Christ

July devoted to the Precious Blood

Gabrielle Bossis, HE AND i, p.338

 June 16,1949 – Corpus Christi (As I awakened)

“Happy Feast Day, my dear God.

( … ) “Can you seek Me and not find Me? Here or there, am I not always waiting for you? Since I love you so dearly, just let yourself be loved and come to meet My love. Then it will really be Corpus Christi, My feast.

You know, there need not be any interruption between Corpus Christi on earth and Corpus Christi in heaven. The procession never stops. The last Altar of Repose is in heaven – the Heart of God where My blessed ones live. So begin right now to sing and thank and adore. Do you know what an Altar of Repose is? It’s an élan of love and joy, an outburst of enthusiasm. So put altars of repose into your life, into each one of your days.

Take a moment to love Us better. To talk to Me about yourself, above all about your weaknesses. I know them well, but in telling Me about them you wipe them out, just as though you wrote them on the moving sand of the great desert that the wind never ceases to restore, smooth and unwrinkled. This is what My love does. It never ceases to act. Leave yourself to Me.
Be the clay and let Me be the Potter. Often – I was going to say, ‘always’.”

Headline from the Catholic Herald:

Pope asks all to join in hour of Adoration   

On June 2, the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ in most countries, the Pope will lead the solemn adoration of the Eucharist and is asking every cathedral and parish to have an hour of silent contemplation before the Blessed Sacrament at exactly the same hour, Archbishop Fisichella said.

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Gabrielle Bossis, At home, looking at a bust of Christ

 HE AND i by Gabrielle Bossis  

 1948. p.297


June 24, 1948 – Holy hour.

At home, looking at a bust of Christ.

“I am the Head. You are My arms raised toward the Father. Let us glorify Him together My child. Put your whole heart into it; I mean your will. And you will be exalted. And your union with Me, the Head of the Body, will give you power undreamed of. All that is good in you is I Myself. So make room for Me.

Long for My consciousness to take over yours. Let yours go as you assume Mine. I don’t make, as it were, official use of My instruments in you at every moment. But at every moment it should be your joyous privilege to have them in readiness for Me.

You remember the story of the little maid whom the King condescended to employ and who charmed him so much by her faithful service that he raised her to the rank of his most intimate friends? So united did they become that her one and only desire was to remain with him forever.

Gabrielle, what name does your love invent for Me?” “Lord, I find no name worthy of You.”

“Then just love Me without giving Me a name.”

The words, “I am the Head. You are My arms raised toward the Father, ” resounded also from, “Holy Mary, Mother of God.”

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Gabrielle Bossis Holy Hour, reflection Day of Sacred Hear of Jesus

Gabrielle Bossis:
Holy Hour, reflection Day of Sacred Hear of Jesus

It is the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and found the Holy Hour below apt for the words:You will see Me everywhere.
I’ll be your Host and your Guest, who has taken your heart and asks the free gift of it.
Two lives in one”.


Following from Gabrielle, “Lord, to console You in Your AGONY”, after the Gospel at  the Community Mass  John 19:37 They shall look on Him Whom they have pierced. [Zech. 12:10.] widens to the Bible reflection. Next Blogspot.

YOU YOU AND i, P102_103 Gabrielle Bossis
October 24 – 1940 – Holy Hour.
“Allow me, Lord, to console You in Your agony as though I had been created for that alone.”
“Direct everything in you to this end – all that I have given you, for it is I who gave you everything – your heart, your understanding, your memory.
It is I who gave you an imagination capable of stirring your heart. Is it too much to expect that you will use My gifts for Me? When you offer them I forget that I have given them to you. I receive them as though they came from you, and My heart is so touched. If you only knew…? I am like a happy father: ‘My little girl did that for Me.’ And I am much more than an ordinary father. But only in heaven will you see these delicate touches I’ve received from my children.
Let this encourage you to live very close to Me, to find life impossible without Me. Let me share everything. Disappear ceaselessly in My heart. And be sure that I’ll replace you. Always act as though you saw Me, for I am really there. And aware of the great yearning, the intense thirst that I have for souls, surrender yourself unceasingly as though it were for the first time. For Me, it will always be like a first joy to receive you.
Don’t get the idea that it is the greatest number of prayers that touches your God. It’s the way you speak to Him. Be irresistible in love, abandonment and humility.
And when you ask Him for bread, He will not give you a stone, but a double portion…
When you tidy your house, think that it is Mine and you will make it more beautiful.
When you prepare your meals think that it is to honour Me.
And when you rest your body, think that it is My body, My friend; and this is the reality since all that you have is first Mine, isn’t it?
You will see Me everywhere.
I’ll be your Host and your Guest, who has taken your heart and asks the free gift of it.
Two lives in one”
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Gabrielle Bossis – Pentecost Sunday -after Benediction incense lingers

Pentecost Sunday -after Benediction incense lingers
Gabrielle  Bossis
Gabrielle’s longer day, on this Thursday, had the words from “My Heart” and begins “I am like a child”. Syllabic words, in simple phrases, and in not easy sentences take me to read over and over.
1.                 Suffer little children come to me.
2.                 The linguist Naom Chomshy on the universal grammar discovered in under five children touches in the mystery of language.
3.                 Dyslexics, geriatrics, those suffering communication problems open windows from the ‘YOU AND i’ pages of Gabrielle.
Gabrielle Bossis’ pages draw a magnetism in a childlike style. It is the grace through this voice. It begins to warm heart, to light thought, enliven the word.
YOU AND i – Gabrielle Bossis
1945  p214/5
November 22 1945
–                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Thursday
“I am like a child who has been waiting all week for this day to come. You come to me and love Me. For an hour we are all in all to one another, forgetting created things to such an extent that if an angel announced the end of the world, that the message would make no impression on your mind and you would remain at rest on My heart.
You too do Me the honour of waiting for Thursday as for a festive occasion – the celebration of My heart. Summon up all your powers to love, to hope and to believe. Tell Me how helpless you are and I’ll fill the emptiness so that as you love, you will give the impression that it is I living in you.
I love to live My life again on earth through My children. If you knew how few allow Me to do this.”
“Lord, my body and my soul are your home. May all my powers be used for Your glory.”

Then do something to atone for your self-love and self-love of others. To make amends should be joyous you know, since it heals and since it is for love. It is sin that is sad – the continual tendency to self-love that often makes you forget your God.
O try to exchange self-love for God-love. No longer thing of yourself at all. How this would lighten you! And what a new entry into Me! For I am eternally new, I am the infinite One, and it is for the Infinite that you have been created.”
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YOU AND i – Montmartre


You and I 

by Gabrielle Bossis

p.255 1947 Part Two 

April 25, 1947 – Montmartre. 

A light bulb was missing in front of the Blessed Sacrament. “Lord, let my heart burn before You there in its place.” 

“To burn would not be enough. You must be consumed. I mean you must burn right out. This is what I did for you, for all of you. Don’t you feel the desire to do the same for Me? This is what it means to simplify everything in you to a single principle, a single élan towards your great Friend. Isn’t this restful? Isn’t it your goal? And don’t you find that this changes your entire being? You can see that My call is blessing, can’t you, and that your response will bring you joy? 

O answer! Answer unceasingly. Your strength will increase and you will give it to others so that it will go from soul to soul as a torch is passed from hand to hand. The living spring is your Christ. Drink at the very fountainhead, for the closer you come to the fountain-head the more your cup will run over.

Oh, My little girl, don’t seek Me far from yourself. 

You have Me right within you as a candle has its flame.”

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